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How Long Is It Taking To Certify Skills?

I have a skill that I published a new version of for this contest. V1 is already certified and in the store.

However, I submitted the new version of the skill a couple days ago and am nervous that I’ve heard nothing back yet.

How long is certification taking for others?


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    For me it took only a day or so to get my exsisting Skill published to the US store. It is a rather simple skill, however. But normally it should not take longer than a week. Also afaik the rules state that you only need to submit your Skill for certification before the deadline and then there is another 15 days or so until it has to get certificated.

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    I submitted my skill on April 30th. On all my previous skills, I usually hear back within a couple days, its been fast lately. However, 1 week later now, and I haven't heard anything at all. No certification and no email stating I need to fix anything. So, I'm getting a bit nervous that my skill won't be certified by the deadline. :(

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    Hey Jeff,

    Don't worry! The certification team has all of the skills that were submitted to the challenge.

    If you don't hear anything by Wednesday, send me an email stefanie @ devpost.com


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    Thanks Stef! I'll keep you posted.

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    I think some of us are dead at this point. There's been an obvious pattern where the Amazon reviewers find one or two issues and even if those issues are non-fatal, they don't run the app any further and stop testing. I know this because the issues they found on my first attempt did not prevent them at all from testing the rest of the app (one of the issues had to do with including an echo in my image icon which is not allowed). The issues they reported after my first resubmit (the second review feedback I got from them) could have been found during their first test.

    My app from its very first submission could be run successfully (easily) from start to finish. None of the issues the reviewers found caused the program to fail or malfunction. They were along the lines of not meeting certain app guidelines like handling the Cancel intent or closing out the session when the app was done. Important issues of course to be solved before releasing an app the public, but nothing that would the ability to judge the merits of the app.

    I don't blame the reviewers for their style of review. I'm sure those poor gals and guys have a mountain of Alexa Skills to get through and just trying move on to the next Alexa Skill as soon as possible. But it is a lethal situation in this context due to the certification deadline that's part of this contest. Given the 5 day turnaround that some of us have been experiencing with each resubmit, it looks like that at least a some of us like myself, will be disqualified by the mechanics of this process.

    My personal feeling is that as long as the app can be run through start to finish, even if there are a few minor warts along the way, it should still be eligible for judging, certification or not.

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    I've also been having some issues getting certified.

    We submitted our skill at the eve of the deadline on April 30, but it then took a week for the first certification rejection to come back - a minor quibble about the launch description wording. We quickly fixed and resubmitted it, but still haven't heard back as of now.

    Is there any way to speed up or assist this process?

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    Will the certification deadline be extended? Many Alexa skills in the Life Hacks challenge, including the one my team developed (Bug Browser), have not been certified yet.

    The competition encourages skills "Optimized for Echo Spot and Echo Show" however skills that choose to optimize for these devices are taking much longer to certify than skills that choose to use just a VUI and are not granted priority over general skill submissions outside of the competition. As a result, display-optimized skills get less reviews by the certification team and have a greater chance of getting disqualified, discouraging further entry of these optimized skills in future competitions.

    The same appears to hold true for any complex skill requiring account linking, audio player, video player, and/or SMS.

    The competition team, Alexa Certification team, and Alexa Developer support teams all appear to be busy as they have not responded after several days. Our initial reply from the certification team took 9 days, which is over 1/2 of the period which the competition allots for skill approval.

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    I agree - our skill uses SMS and Echo Show display, and we've had similar certification delays. Our second submission is still in certification as of now. Would it be possible to extend the deadline?

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